nimm2 – Vitamins and Sweets
nimm2 – Vitamins and Sweets
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Always popular

nimm2 has been popular with children and adults alike since 1962, and is one of Germany's best-known brands of hard candy. The brand family is constantly expanding. Consistent with its main promise: "Vitamins and Sweets", the nimm2 range features happy sweet treats.

nimm2 Hard Candy

The fruit-flavoured hard candy with a tasty filling and vitamins is available in two varieties: Orange and Lemon. The two flavours also served as inspiration for the name: nimm2 ("Take two").

nimm2 soft

nimm2 soft are fruit chews with all the best out of of nimm2: fruit juice and vitamins. Each pack contains four different flavours with several delicious fillings; nimm2 Soft are also available in other varieties such as "Fizzy" and "Sour".

"Vitamins and Sweets" – nimm2 meets consumer expectations since 1962. The story of a successful concept.


Round and round we go!

nimm2 Soft were launched in Germany in 2006. The chewy candy with a fruit-flavoured filling with vitamins comes in four tasty varieties and was an immediate success!

nimm2 2006: Round and round we go!


Wise words

"If your child loves nothing better in the world than candy, and you love nothing better in the world than your child, give them nimm2." This TV commercial slogan played no small part in nimm2's amazing success.

nimm2 1980: Wise words


Spectacular innovation

It all began in 1962 in Germany with nimm2 fruit candy, which had originally vitamins and a tasty fruit filling. Ever since, the slogan "Vitamins and Sweets" has stood for the successful, unique concept behind this well-established Storck brand - combining a sweet treat with the goodness of nimm2.

nimm2 1962: Spektacular innovation