Colourful candy varieties of Storck
Colourful candy varieties of Storck

Bunte Welt Colourful range and variety

The Storck product portfolio is made perfect by a range of colourful candy specialities. They combine the usual high Storck quality with affordability. The range is extremely diverse and covers all of the different aspects consumers are looking for, from fruit, caramel or chocolate candy to refreshing, peppermint and eucalyptus candy. There's something for everyone here; the colourful world of Storck candy caters for children and adults alike.

Caramel and chocolate candies

For real connoisseurs! Storcks Bunte Welt offers a variety of melt-in-mouth caramel and chocolate candies like the creamy-tender Milky Caramels and the Chocolate Toffees.

Fruit-flavoured candies

A treat for the eye! The Campino products and Fruitfuls offer a fruity taste experience.

Refreshing, peppermint and eucalyptus candies

Time for a refreshment! Whether it's the filled Mint Chocs or the tasty Euka menthol sweets - the Bunte Welt of Storck provides a refreshment for everyday life.